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Major boost for homeless services Landmark agreement by Sophia and Midlands Simon Community delivers

Sophia and Midlands Simon Community have announced a major new innovation in their partnership in Tullamore Co Offaly.

Clonamore House will be developed as an enhanced center for the provision of supported accommodation for homeless people.

The facility has been purchased by Sophia and will be managed by Midlands Simons Community. Under the terms of a landmark agreement Midlands Simon Community will operate the centre, with a team of qualified social care workers providing support on a 24/7 basis. Following refurbishment, the facility will provide professional supports for up to 17 people.

The centre will provide support to those in need of bridging accommodation before securing long term accommodation. The premises had been operating as a privately run centre for a number of years but these services will be greatly enhanced by the range of supports provided by the team of Midlands Simon Community staff.

The initiative has been hailed as a milestone in the development of co-operation between Sophia Housing Association and Midlands Simon Community.

Chairperson of the Voluntary Board of Directors of Midlands Simon Community, Mark Cooney said: “This is an important initiative. Our aim is that those in Clonamore House Hotel will be supported as quickly as possible to secure permanent homes of their own. Based on our experience there is a major need for this type of service. Midlands Simon Community has a track record of providing safe, well managed services and Clonamore House Hotel will meet the high standards which we have always upheld.”

Denis Doherty Chairperson, Sophia Housing Association said: “Sophia’s ethos is the provision of high quality accommodation with appropriate support. In supporting people on their journey out of homelessness Sophia has always placed a strong emphasis on the creation of a caring environment. The partnership between Sophia and Midlands Simon Community is built on strong foundations, a legacy of compassion and care.”

Chief Executive Officer, Tony O’Riordan described the acquisition as “delivering a new future for Clonamore House Hotel and for homeless services in the Midlands.” He stated that “this is an exciting development and reflects the shared philosophy of the two organisations. Since 2016 there has been a strategic approach to the sharing of a commitment to providing quality services so that people are supported to move from the instability of homelessness to the security of having a home of their own. Sophia and Midlands Simon Community share the belief that the provision of a home with support should be the goal of all homeless services”.

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