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Sophia was founded by Sr Jean Quinn D.W in 1997 with a very different vision for homeless services. Jean's vision was for a service that put providing a home for people first and with that home the wrap around holistic supports needed to to break the cycle of homelessness. Soon after founding Sophia Jean was joined by Co-Founder Eamonn Martin. 


Sophia's vision is for an Ireland where homelessness and the trauma caused by homelessness is eradicated from our society. We understand that many people experiencing homelessness may have multiple support needs, requiring a response that places the person and their needs at the center of what we do. 

This person-centered approach is acutely aware that people who experience homelessness are often traumatized by that experience. This trauma is compounded by poverty, exclusion, and neglect in its many forms.

Sophia has always had a trauma focus,  providing wrap-around services to support people, at their own pace to recover from the trauma they have experienced.  Our values enable us to do this and we believe that the quality of the home and surroundings that we provide has a significant positive impact on those we support.  Out motto; Providing Homes, Supporting People is borne out of this approach


Our Vision is to support marginalised people to realise their potential and fulfil their ambition. Sophia pursues its vision through projects that enable people to make positive differences in their lives. Every project aims t be innovative and ensure service users feel safe and secure.

Our Mission

Sophia exists to provide homes and ongoing support for families and individuals with complex needs.

Our Mission

Our Values

Sophia is committed to social justice principles, empowerment and inclusion;

Sophia respects diversity and affords parity of esteem to service users, members of staff and volunteers;


Sophia is committed to collaborating with statutory and non-statutory partners in pursuing its mission;


Sophia aspires to be a good employer, efficient, competent, accountable, well governed and well managed; and


Sophia values the wisdom derived from experience, feedback from stakeholders, reflection, sharing and openness to ideas for improvements from wherever they are offered.

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