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In 2019 Sophia unveiled designs for a 51 home project on the grounds of a former Presentation Convent and school in Portlaoise.


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Project Outline

Planning Permission was granted in 2020 to build 51 homes with on site supports in Portlaoise. The project is being built on lands and builings formerly owned by the Presentation Sisters and the local Parish.  This project has been made possible through the leadership, vision and support of Laois County Council and the Presentation Sisters. 

Funding has been granted by the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage to progress of this project. 


Supported Housing

Sophia's new project in Portlaoise will provide 51 homes with support to families, couples and individuals. The Sophia model of care provides wrap-around holistic supports 

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New Local Amenities

Working with Laois County Council, Sophia has also received backing from the Project Ireland 2040 fund to develop community facilities a new town park and blueway linking the town centre with Peoples Park. 


Local History and Heritage 

The site of the project is truly unique, holding hundreds of years of Portlaoise and Ireland's history inside its walls with buildings still standing which date back to 1548 when Fort Protector was first built. 

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Psychologically Informed Environments

Sophia believes that high quality homes and their surroundings are a holistic response to the needs of the people we support. These homes offer a welcome environment which convey to the people emotional warmth and that they are valued which reinforces a person’s human dignity. 

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Town vacancy is one of the most serious issues facing Irish towns. Addressing this through retrofitting is a key part of the Programme for Government. Renewing town centres is part of the Town Centre Living Initiative published in June 2020 and part of 2040 A New Vision for Portlaoise Town Centre  Town Centre by Laois County Council.

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Partnership with the Presentation Sisters 

Together with the Presentation Sisters, Sophia will create homes for over 400 people in the next five years. Their commitment to the work of Sophia means that by 2025, 20% of all homes provided by Sophia will be on lands formerly owned by the Presentation Sisters. The impact and legacy of this partnership will see town centres reinvigorated, buildings which for generations have been at the heart of communities restored and reopened to provide much-needed homes to people across Ireland. 

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