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Sophia took part in the SMES Europa Project - Dignity and Well-Being. 


This project took over 3 years to complete culminating in the publication of the Front Line Practitioners Manual Practical, Approaches to Working with Homeless People with Mental Health Problems which was co written by Sophia.


The manual has been translated into 8 languages and published in 8 countries. The publishing of this manual was the result of 3 years of research and best practices exchanges from across Europe including the contributions of a number of Sophia staff.

This manual selected Sophia’s service in Sean MacDermott Street as an example of best practice and the service was profiled in the manual.

To download a free copy of the manual please click HERE

Sophia has worked with Unanima International on a number of research papers. With a focus on women and children and the trauma of being homeless. 

These research projects are with global partners with diverse experiences on the impacts of homelessness and the solutions needed to support those without a home and the policies and actions required to bring homelessness to an end.

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