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Housing for All

Sophia welcomes the launch of Housing for All, the Governments plan that aims to ensure that “Everyone in the State should have access to a home to purchase or rent at an affordable price, built to a high standard and in the right place, offering a high quality of life”

This broad ranging plan has many admirable and ambitious targets. Sophia particularly welcomes the Ministers commitments to ending homelessness by 2030 reiterating the commitment made in signing the Lisbon declaration this year.

Michael McCarthy (Chairperson of Sophia) stated that “Sophia looks forward to playing its part to reach the ambitious goals contained in Housing for All, and Sophia has requested a meeting with the Minister for Housing to discuss the role that Sophia can play to further support people to exit out of homelessness.”

Sophia also notes and welcomes the commitments laid out in Housing For All, which “recognises that many households experiencing homelessness have additional support needs and includes specific measures to address these need” and that Housing for All aims to ensure “the provision of the necessary health and mental health supports required to assist homeless people with complex needs.”

Sophia is unique amongst Approved Housing Bodies, one that has over two decades experience delivering the type of housing with support that are highlighted in Housing for All. Providing housing with supports for people with complex needs, and have seen the positive impact this can have, recognition of this support need in Housing for All is very welcome.

Housing for All continues the Governments support for social inclusion through the Capital Assistance Scheme (CAS). It also sees the revitalising of vacant buildings and sites as being key to a sustainable more environmental response to providing homes. Sophia with the support of the Governments CAS scheme is developing new homes with support on lands and vacant buildings formerly owned by congregations across the country.

Sophia sees a great deal to be hopeful in Housing for All and is in a unique position to support the Government’s plan to end homelessness by 2030.

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