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Former President Of Ireland Mary McAleese Praises Sophia At United Nations Event

Speaking at the United Nations Commission for Social Development, Former President of Ireland Mary McAleese called for an end to the shameful mess that is homelessness. Recalling her own experience of homelessness after her family were forced from their home during the troubles, President McAleese spoke of how the trauma of homelessness reveals itself over time, that even in this short time, the trauma of being without home had a long shelf life.

During her key note address to the United Nations, President McAleese praised Sophia for its two decades of quite holistic approach to housing first and the radial yet simple idea on which Sophia was founded; that everyone deserves a home of their own as quickly as possible . Describing the radical idea as an idea whos time has come. It’s not enough to just give someone a key to a home, to help heal the trauma of homelessness it’s important to stay with them for the journey.

President McAleese called on the countries present to build safe, affordable and decent places to live and to find and implement the solutions that will assign homelessness to history.

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