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Religious Congregations have been steadfast supporters of Sophia since it was founded. Generous donations have been given over the years that have funded services, staff and projects that have had a lasting positive impact on peoples lives across Ireland.

They have also seen in Sophia a conduit for their Social Justice legacy providing buildings and lands to build homes with supports for people who have experienced homelessnes in ireland. 

Daughters of Wisdom

The Daughters of Wisdom were the original and continue to be key supporters of Sophia and the work we do. In Cairns Hill Sligo homes are provided by Sophia from buildings formerly owned by the Congregation.

Sisters of Mercy

Our partnership with the Mercy Sisters has created homes with support for hundreds of people over the past two decades. Our Cork St Service was made possible through the support of the Mercy Sisters. Who's land and buildings have been used to provide 49 apartments, a Nurturing Centre, Cafe, Wisdom Centre and administration office space. Our Service in Drimnagh was built by the Local Authority on lands formerly owned by the Mercy Sisters and their support for our services in Limerick has seen the Congregation commit buildings to the most vulnerable. Sophia is also exploring the provision of future homes with support in Rathangan Co Kildare with the Mercy Sisters. 

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Presentation Sisters 

Together with the Presentation Sisters, Sophia will create homes for over 400 people in the next five years. Their commitment to the work of Sophia means that by 2025, 20% of all homes provided by Sophia will be on lands formerly owned by the Presentation Sisters. The impact and legacy of this partnership will see town centres reinvigorated, buildings which for generations have been at the heart of communities restored and reopened to provide much-needed homes to people across Ireland.

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Marist Sisters 

Our Service in Sligo provides 32 homes on the site of the former Marist Convent in Tubbercurry. 

This project has additional supported housing with the HSE

Sisters of Charity of St. Paul, The Apostle

The Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of St. Paul, the Apostle, have been working with Sophia to convert the first convent they opened in Ireland at Kilfinane Co. Limerick. This will provide 9 homes with support at the heart of the community.

Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd

In our project on Sean McDermott St we are able to provide support to 18 couples who need 24 hour on-site support. This project is internationally recognised as a best practice model. 

Sisters of Bons Secour

With the support of the Sisters of Bon Secour Sophia has been able to provide support to the 29 families in our service in Drimnagh, Dublin. This has been essential for Sophia to able  to meet the needs of the 94 people,  50 of whom are children in their own homes.

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St John of God Sisters

Sophia was granted CAS funding to create 12 homes with support in Kilkenny with the partnership of the John of God Sisters. 

Franciscan Brothers

Sophia has been working with the Franciscan Brothers to developed housing with support in Clara County Offally. The project is in its early stages but Sophia is committed to providing much-needed housing with the brothers.

Report to Franciscan Brothers from Sophi

Sophia has also been generously supported by the following Congregations.

Religious Sisters of Christian Education 

Little Company of Mary

Sisters of Marie Auxiliatrice

Holy Family Sisters of Bordeaux

Carmelite Order


Loreto Sisters

Little Sisters of the Assumption

Marists Sisters

Missionary Sisters of the Assumption

Missionary Sisters of St Columban

Nazareth Sisters

Our Lady of Good Counsel


Salesians of Don Bosco 

Sisters of the Faithful Companion of Jesus

Sisters of our Lady of Charity

Sisters of St Clare

Sisters of St Joseph the Assumption

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