The Wisdom Centre

The Wisdom Centre, is a refection of the core values of Sophia in bricks and mortar. It is a place where all of us are able to heal through the supportive care of others. It is a place of calm but also of practical purpose.


It has a contemplative space,



rooms for therapeutics interventions and rooms for meetings and training. 



Sanctuary  is a place where our tendencies

toward violence and vengeance have been subdued, where individual

and collective powers are used to bring about a better life and a better world.

Sanctuary is a place of joy and creative innovation, of sympathy and solace, and

of transformation.


In Sanctuary, people:

• are suffi ciently physically, psychologically, socially, and morally safe

that, as individuals and in a group, they are able to make good decisions

and think creatively without becoming destructive;

• know how to deal with each other in a way that respects and enhances

emotional development as well as cultural diversity;

How to find us

Art Room

Art Room

Meting and art therapy space ideal for small groups of four