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Local Authorities

Local Authorities have worked with Sophia for over two decades supporting the Sophia Model of providing homes with support. They share a vision to eradicate homelessness funding Sophia services to provide supported housing, outreach and tenancy support services.


Local Authorities also support Sophia's development plan to realise future developments across the country.


Sophia works in partnership with the Health Services Executive delivering support to people at the margins to achieve a more socially inclusive society.

We provide supports on behalf of the HSE to people directly affected by homelessness and those at risk of homelessness.

Sophia is a referral agency and intermediatory for those we support linking them to the myriad of HSE and other services we all can benefit from. These include Primary Care Team, Psychology, Psychiatry, Community Care, Hospital Care, Rehabilitation, Addiction and many others.

Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage

Sophia shares the values of the core principle of the Department of Housing, that everybody should have access to good-quality housing. We work closely with the department to create homes with support across the country, securing CAS funding for new developments which will create over 200 news homes. 


TUSLA -  Child and Family Agency works in partnership with Sophia to protect the wellbeing of children and families. We work with children and families directly affected by homelessness and those at risk of homelessness. In many cases homelessness is symptomatic of many other issues which Sophia’s services address using care plans and key workers. 

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