HSE services

Sophia’s HSE Funded Services

Sophia works in partnership with the Health Services Executive delivering support to people at the margins of society to achieve a more socially inclusive society. We provide support to people in poverty and facing some of the biggest challenges any of us can encounter. The HSE funds Sophia’s services to achieve specific measurable targets for those whose health and wellbeing is at risk.

There are a number of social determinants of health which our services seek to underpin by providing for the care, support, inclusion, healthy lifestyle, welfare and protection of those most in need. Housing and social supports are basic needs for all of us.

The Health Services Executive works in partnership with us to ensure the wellbeing of those in need. We work with those directly affected by homelessness and those at risk of homelessness. In many cases homelessness is symptomatic of many other issues. We also work upstream of homelessness where prevention and early intervention is crucial. We provide supports on behalf of the HSE to people who are Sophia tenants and also people in their own homes.

Sophia is a referral agency and intermediatory for homeless people and tenants of Sophia linking them to the myriad of HSE and other services we all can benefit from.

These include Primary Care Team, Psychology, Psychiatry, Community Care, Hospital Care, Rehabilitation, Addiction and many others.