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TUSLA - Children and Families Agency Services

TUSLA - Child and Family Agency Funded Services

Sophia works in partnership with TUSLA -  Child and Family Agency to deliver support to children and to families. We provide support to people in poverty and facing some of the biggest challenges any of us can encounter. TUSLA Sophia’s services locally, to achieve specific measurable targets for those children and families whose welfare or protection is at risk.

Sophia employs qualified social care staff working to support children and families through care plans and key working.

There are a number of factors which our services seek to underpin to provide for the safety, welfare, care, support, nurturing, inclusion, healthy lifestyle and protection of those children and families most in need. Housing and social supports are basic needs for all of us, however, without a safe and caring environment where the welfare and protection of the child is nurtured we have all failed.

TUSLA works in partnership with us to protect the wellbeing of children and families. We work with those children and families directly affected by homelessness and those at risk of homelessness. In many cases homelessness is symptomatic of many other issues which Sophia’s services address using care plans and key workers. We actively seek to track progress against the Hardiker model.

We also work upstream of homelessness where prevention and early intervention is crucial. We provide supports on behalf of the HSE to people who are Sophia tenants and also people in their own homes.

We work to support

  • Children and parents who have left care
  • Children and parents who are homeless
  • Children with supervision orders
  • Children in foster care
  • Children and parents who are in conflict with the law
  • Children and parents who are in need of emotional, behavioral, psychological, psychiatric services
  • Children who are excluded from school or with poor school attendance

Sophia is a referral agency and intermediatory for homeless children and families and tenants of Sophia linking them to the myriad of TUSLA and other services we can all benefit from. These include Social Work, Aftercare, High Support, Primary Care Teams, Psychology, Psychiatry, Community Care, Hospital Care, Rehabilitation, Addiction and many others.

We work closely with the new Child and Family Social Workers and Principal Social Workers providing daily updates by phone and written weekly reports as required with the agreement and permission of our families. We believe that we are uniquely placed to provide the supervision and support which allows social work maintain families and reunite them.