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Sean McDermott St

Sean McDermott St.

The Sean McDermott Street Project is an excellent example of the importance of providing housing first to people with a history of homelessness. Over 80% of the people referred to this service are still in housing.

In 2014 Sophia received Capital Assistance Scheme (CAS) funding from the Department of the Environment to develop a new scheme in Dublin City Centre. The project was to refurbish 62/63 Sean McDermott Street from 36 single bed accommodation units into 18 self-contained one bedroom apartments for couples needing support to live independently. The Sean McDermott Street works were completed in November 2015 and by Christmas of that year all our apartments were filled.


The team consists of a project manager, support workers and care workers. Each support worker works with 6 couples both formally and informally. The couples who live in Sean McDermott St have very complex needs and our support staff helps them to identify and meet their goals and are on site 24 hours a day.