Corporate Partnerships

Working in Partnership with our Corporate Sponsors


Sophia as a registered charity

Sophia is an organisation and registered charity that is:

  • Respectable
  • Competent
  • Professional

We work to a Code of Ethics and Standards, with a rigorous focus on spending and delivering value for money.

We have a commitment to quality – in service delivery, in our architecturally designed buildings, in our relationship with our partners.

Our ethos is creating value in society and making life safer and better.

Sophia's corporate sponsors

Sophia works in partnership with our corporate sponsors, helping them:

  • Meet their corporate responsibilities by supporting good causes.
  • Raising their profile by association with our events and activities.
  • Improving their corporate image by involvement in an organisation that creates value in society.
  • Supporting good employee relations through volunteering opportunities

How to contribute

How corporate partners can contribute

  • Financial Support – to allow Sophia help more people
  • Professional, Business and Support Services – be a partner in our service model that delivers key skills and resources, to our clients
  • Employees support through volunteerism and participation in our countrywide fund-raising activities

Together we can make life better.