Global Homeless Research Launch

Sophia is delighted to be part of a global research project that seeks to explore the structural causes and factors associated with Family Homelessness as well as the frequently associated compound trauma experienced by the affected adults and children.

The project led by UNANIMA International, UN-based NGO, and in association with NYU will explore the issue through a holistic approach bringing forward the experience of women and children, thematic challenges, good practices and policy recommendations.

The initial research will use a mix of both qualitative and quantitative methodologies and focus around five diverse geographic regions which include:

  • North America (USA, Canada)
  • Europe (Ireland, Greece)
  • Australia
  • Asia (India, Philippines)
  • Africa (Kenya)

The project will aim to identify the impact of trauma by providing recommendations on how interventions can be implemented to prevent and respond to the emotional trauma for families experiencing homelessness. It is hoped that these outcomes will contribute to a paradigm shift in how these issues are perceived and in turn promote a dialogue where homelessness is finally viewed as a Human Rights issue.

The research Project was recently launched in Dublin by Sophia Founder and Unanima International Director Jean Quinn. Announcing the project, Jean Quinn said: “UNANIMA International has been concerned for some time about the long-term consequences of displacement and homelessness on families.”

“Many families who experience homelessness were found to have experienced trauma before becoming homeless and this is accentuated by the actual experience of not having a home. Furthermore, the interventions that are implemented can also have a negative impact and, in some cases, re-traumatise families.”

The list of partners in the project including New York University and Sophia include;

Mercy Global Action

Religious Sisters of the Sacred Heart

United Nations Special Rapporteurs

Individuals from each region with a lived experience of Homelessness

To read more about the research project click here.


Jean Quinn takes part in UN Expert Group on Homelessness in Nairobi

 Goal 11 of the Sustainable Development Goals states that each member state of the United Nations must "ensure access for all to adequate, safe and affordable housing and basic services" however there has been no UN drive to tackle homelessness and create affordable housing in fact, there is no internationally recognised definition of homelessness. 

The United Nations brought together 15 experts from across the globe to give papers and discuss the global issue of homelessness in Nairobi, Sophia Founder Jean Quinn was one of the experts who was asked to give a paper. Jean is helping to push the UN to do more on global homelessness and keep them on track to meet Goal 11 of the SDGs.

This global meeting of experts is part of the preparations for the 2020 UN Commission for Social Development priority theme of Homelessness and Affordable Housing. Their aim in Nairobi is to understand clearly how poverty, inequality, social exclusion all interlink with homelessness. 


Jean's paper cited a shortage of affordable housing and related financial speculation in housing which has caused housing costs to rise throughout the world.

To read Jean's paper in full click here. 



Irish Times article on the role played by Religious Congregations

Recently Sophia Founder and Director of Unanima International Jean Quinn wrote an article in the Irish Times, highlighting the important role played by Religious Congregations in the success of Sophia.

Many congregations have given property to Sophia over the past 21 years. As the needs of the Congregations changes they are ensuring that their buildings and property will continue to serve those most in need in different ways. Continuing not only a legacy of Social Justice but ensuring that their rich heritage and commitment to local communities continues across Ireland.

To read the full article please click here.