Oireachtas Reports on Child Homelessness and it's Impact

Sophia warmly welcomes The Child and Family Homelessness report by the Joint Committee on Housing, Planning and Local Government and The Impact of Homelessness on Children report, by the Joint Committee on Children and Youth Affairs.  
These reports have brought forward positive solutions to how Government should have the best interests and needs of families at the centre to ending homelessness.
The ending of one night only emergency accommodation is at the heart of the Sophia Model. Our service was founded on the knowledge that people need not just a bed for the night but a home for life. 
Through our nurturing centres and wrap around holistic supports Sophia also fundamentally agrees with the recommendation that the best interests of the child must be taken into account by Local Authorities when providing homeless accommodation and supports. Sophia is lucky to work with a number of Local Authorities across the country who share our vision and who see the needs of homeless families and the model of work here in Sophia as being a positive solution to these needs. Both national and local government have backed Sophia financially to grow our services to reach even more people in the coming years. 
Sophia does not own or operate family hubs, we again see long term supported accommodation as being key to helping families breaking a cycle of homelessness. The commissioning of an independent evaluation into the sustainability of family hubs and introducing reforms to improve the wellbeing of homeless children are particularly welcome recommendations. 
A rights based approach to housing is something that Sophia advocates for along with our European Partners in SMES Europa and changes to the laws and constitution in Ireland to recognises the right to housing. 
Sophia is growing its services to reach more of the most vulnerable in irish society, the provision of housing, affordable, social and supported are all needed to reverse the ever growing levels of homelessness in Ireland. Sophia looks forward to actions based on todays recommendations to bring much needed support to those most affected by the housing and homelessness crisis in ireland.