Homeless Figures In Ireland Are Not Normal

For eight months the number of people homeless in Ireland has been over 10,000 p. For the month of September once again a record number of people in this country are homeless 10,397. That is more than the population of Gorey who have no home in Ireland today, more people homeless than the population of Tuam who are homeless in Ireland today, almost twice the population of Kinsale who have no home in Ireland today.

This is not normal or acceptable in Ireland today.

Of those who are homeless 3873 are children and 2743 are women meaning that the majority 63% of all homeless people in Ireland are women and children. This is not normal this is not acceptable.

It is also worth reminding everyone that these figures do not include people who are rough sleeping or the hidden homeless in Ireland or many others who when added to the official figures would gives a true picture of how Ireland is treating the most vulnerable in our society today.

Sophia’s model of housing with supports gives people the dignity of living in a home of their own along with the wrap around supports needed to recover from the trauma of homelessness. Our model helps people maintain a tenancy and break the cycle of homelessness. 

This is a model that works and one that is being backed by local and national government and by Religious Congregations to grow over the coming years to support hundreds of more families across Ireland. This is normal, this is the Ireland that we need to be, supporting and counting the most vulnerable in our society and helping bring homelessness to an end in Ireland.