What You See Has Value

 Last week Sophia proudly opened an exhibition of photographs taken by the residents of our Project in Sean McDermott St, called What You See Has Value.

In 2017 the residents of Sophia Sean McDermott St photographed a day of their lives. The resulting images capture their lives away from the chaos of homelessness in their new homes with Sophia in Sean McDermott St.

In November 2015 Sophia Sean McDermott St opened its doors and welcomed 18 couples to homes of their own with wrap around holistic supports on site 24 hours a day. The project reinforces the fact that supported housing is key to helping people with complex needs maintain a tenancy and regain control of their lives

Sophia’s holistic approach to support, aims to improve the imbalance in someones life, to improve their physical, mental, and social well-being. Engagement with artistic activities as either observer or as creator can enhance mood, emotion and other psychological states. 

What You See Has Value is the residents of Sophia Sean McDermott St giving insight into their lives and  the people, places and things that have meaning to them.

To download a brochure of the exhibition click HERE