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A Resident's Story

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“Sophia offered me accommodation and support when I was pregnant and then continued to support me when my son was born. First I was in an apartment in town and now I am in one of their long-term houses. They helped me in many ways, particularly with my education. I left school early but my support worker helped to apply for a FETAC course in applied psychology and social studies in the College of Commerce.
From there I went on to do a degree in social science in UCC and then I did an MA in Women’s Studies. Through all that, Sophia supported me, particularly linking me to child care. I think that the lack of child care facilities is the one big barrier preventing single parents taking up training and education. I am now interested in helping grassroots organisations, particularly in educating people about politics in the broad sense. I enjoy helping people to realise that they can take action and that they can change things.
And through all that journey so far, Sophia has always been there for me and my son. They create communities in their projects. I have met lovely people through Sophia projects and they are still my friends to this day. When I think back, it was all the small activities too that contributed to getting me back on my feet. We learned about healthy eating, first aid; they encouraged me to get therapy and help with my addiction, to get out and about and not sit around my apartment – all those early supports contributed to where I am today, looking forward to my son coming home for school, healthy and happy, looking forward to engaging with politics and looking forward to helping other people get more control over their lives. Thanks, Sophia!”