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Our Approach

Sophia’s Holistic Model of Care


Since its foundation, Sophia has always seen those we support as being central to everything we do. Over twenty years ago Sophia was founded on the radical and simple idea that the best way to support those who are homeless is to give them a home as quickly as possible and support them as they recover from the trauma of being without a home.


Sophia has always been an instinctive trauma informed service, where the wrap around supports we provide are aimed to meet people where they are, working at their won pace, recognising the trauma they have been through and where the quality of a home and the grounds around it can impact hugely on those we support.


Over the years Sophia has grown and the supports we offer have evolved with us. Our projects now work with people where intensive 24 hours supports are necessary all the way to helping those who’s supports needs are much lower but no less important.