How We Started

A few words from our Founder


Jean Quinn, Founder, Sophia

Jean Quinn, founder of Sophia, talks about the inspiration for the holistic approach to working with people that is a hallmark of their work.

"Providing people with the 'bricks and mortar' of a house is only part of the solution to homelessness. What is needed is a holistic approach. That's what we set out to provide when Sophia started in 1999."

"Sometimes people are only ready to take small steps towards creating a more stable home environment. Others may need only a minimum amount of support. Each person or each family is given the space and support to work at their own pace, in a safe space.

Working holistically means working with the family as a unit. Creating a nurturing space specifically for children has proven to be an essential part of our service.

Providing space for people to have a quiet space is a vital part of the holistic approach. Our Wisdom Centres, meditative and gathering spaces within the housing complexes, are open to Sophia tenants and community groups to use.

Our holistic approach has meant that we have been able to successfully provide services for people with very complex needs, providing them with either a long- term home in our own projects or with the confidence to move into their own home."

Jean Quinn, Founder, Sophia