Sophia is a weaving of holistic support to enable people who are homeless to make positive differences in their lives by becoming more aware of their own strengths and potential.
As well as providing accommodation, Sophia will also offer a safe place where one can seek wisdom of mind, heart, soul and spirit. Sophia is an environment that welcomes people who want to step back from the many pressures of their daily lives and environments.


To realise our mission Sophia aims to provide:



Sophia will provide various types of accommodation to people who are homeless. This will include emergency, transitional and long term accommodation

Support Services

Sophia will provide individual support programmes, key working, group work and outreach

Nurturing Centre for Children

Sophia is highly committed to providing a safe, high quality, hygienic, stimulating, caring and holistic environment where all children can reach their full potential: physically, intellectually, linguistically, emotionally and socially.


In all our projects across Ireland we aim to support our residents to pursue educational and professional goals that can lead to self development, employment and economical independence.


Sophia will work along side other Non-Profit Organisations, Government Agencies, Health Care Providers, Religious Congregations and local area resource groups to support and create healthier communities

Wisdom Centres

In all our projects we aim to have a Wisdom Centre which is a quiet space where people can get in touch with their own creative energy through a number of various holistic programmes.